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Dream Out Loud
Girls Program

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."


Through school and community-based programs, we empower girls ages 7-17 to become confident in their abilities, reach their full potential and discover their path towards living their dreams.   Our goals are achieved using evidence and research-based curriculum in an inspired space for girls to participate in discussions and interactive activities facilitated by trained group leaders.  


We are girls who dream big and will achieve great things.

We live empowered lives for ourselves and others.

As empowered girls, we maintain positive attitudes and live our lives with purpose.

We have a voice in this world and are confident in our abilities.

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Offered to girls ages 7-17.  

Girls are inspired to discover and learn new creative skills, and are given the opportunity to design, create and learn with a hands-on approach while engaging in lively discussion, mindfulness activities, and interactive

Jewelry Making
Fashion Design
Event Design
and so much more,,,

Creativity is critical in child development.  The creative process can enhance cognitive abilities, foster greater self-awareness and help girls regulate their emotions.  Research suggests that creativity can also help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and increase happiness.  

Learning new skills can also improve mental wellbeing by boosting self confidence and raising self-esteem, helping to build a sense of purpose and a connection with others.

​Girls will experience healthy conversations and receive helpful resources on every aspect of their lives: school, home, life, relationships, and emotional well-being.

Summer camp options are available at the request of your school or community organization. 


A mentoring program that encourages girls ages 7-17  to participate in positive activities that helps build self-esteem, leadership skills and self-confidence.   


Our girls mentoring program is creative & interactive and includes individual and group mentoring opportunities.  We share mentoring ideas and host virtual and in-person events for mentors and mentees to attend together.

Mentors work with their Dream Out Loud mentees to help them:

Gain a clear vision and ability to set and achieve goals.


Realize her passions as it relates to her dreams for the future.


Discover her own leadership style.


Obtains the necessary tools to improve her academic performance.


Build up a positive view on school and learning.

Find her voice and discovers her ability to empower herself and others in her community.


Decrease interest in negative behaviors.


Develop positive attitudes and relationships with peers and adults to help her develop socially.

Our virtual mentor roundtable and coaching supports and provides mentors with a space to

come together as a community and share the ways we are all serving our mentees.


Mentors work collaboratively to create a supportive environment where girls can make connections that foster their strengths and support them through challenges.


Dream Out Loud is a yearly event designed for girls in middle and high school, and the women in their lives to be inspired by the presentation of female leaders from different industries.  Participants will hear stories of success, visit empowerment stations, join interactive breakout sessions and engage with sponsors.


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Individual and Family Counseling

In partnership with ACE Wellness Center, Dream Out Loud provides specialized mental health services for families by focusing on trauma informed treatment that teaches adolescent girls how to manage their emotions and behavior.   Individual counseling, educational workshops and group counseling services are provided to girls attending Dream Out Loud programs throughout the school year and summer.


Support us in empowering girls and helping them realize their full potential

If your company would like to sponsor a Dream Out Loud event, provide supplies for groups or make a contribution, please contact us.