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We offer creative workshops, support groups and coaching to encourage, inspire and empower women to realize their passions and move towards their purpose.


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Better Future Focus

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Registration Opens Fall 2021



Better Future Focus coaching is a 3 month commitment that allows you to benefit from other women who are on the same journey as you are.  

By participating in BFF, you will...

Address and build skills in the areas of relationships, self-care, clarifying purpose, goal setting, money, skills in work and professional life and conflicts.   

Join our experienced and passionate facilitators for a  transformative group for women. Sessions are offered virtually for 60 minutes, once a week via Zoom until the program ends.

You will have access to our private Facebook group where we will continue to connect and provide one another with ongoing accountability. 

In addition to group coaching and support, you will also have access to individual life coaching sessions, which will allow you to understand and identify the negative thought patterns that lead to difficult emotions and unhelpful behaviors. You will work  to address and identify the root causes of why you feel stuck and unable to focus on your future and live a life of purpose.

BFF Vision Workshop

Use your passion to create your vision.  


During the three phases of Better Future Focus® (BFF), we teach you how to treat your vision like your very own BFF.  A best friend is someone with whom you want to spend your valuable time. She is the friend you trust the most and have high respect for. You want to see her looking her best.  When you make plans you think of her right away and there is nothing major in your life that you don’t share with her. You two have the same values and goals for the future.  Your friendship is priceless and you couldn’t picture yourself without her.


During this interactive workshop you will learn to implement your passion for your vision….treating it like your very own BFF for Better Future Focus®.

We will help you create your vision with a passion approach.

Encourage- This 1st phase of BFF  will help you hone in on what your dreams are for yourself and your vision success.

Inspire- This 2nd phase of BFF will help you with the creative process on the path to designing your vision.

Empower- This last phase of BFF  will help you bring it all together and prepare to launch or

re-launch your vision.

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